The Nan Movie London Film Premiere 2022

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Catherine Tate's iconic character Nan hits the big screen as she goes on a wild road trip from London to Ireland with her grandson Jamie (Mathew Horne) to make amends with her estranged sister Nell (Katherine Parkinson).

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Did you know ... ?

  1. The first cut of the film was delivered to investors in 2019. It originally consisted predominantly of scenes set in 1940s London focusing on a young Joan Taylor. The investors were uncomfortable with the film's focus on World War 2, and insisted the flashback sequences be cut back significantly to accommodate much more of the present-day plot with the elderly Joan Taylor, whom fans of The Catherine Tate Show would recognize. New footage, greatly expanding the modern-day road trip sections, was filmed without director Josie Rourke at a low-cost, with animation sequences also used to fill any gaps. As a result of these additions, Rourke had her director's credit removed, and the released cut of the film simply does not have a director credit.


Catherine Tate profile
Catherine Tate
as Nan
Mathew Horne profile
Mathew Horne
as Jamie
Katherine Parkinson profile
Katherine Parkinson
as Nell
Abdul Alshareef profile
Abdul Alshareef
as Air Raid Man
Baz Black profile
Baz Black
as Tattoo Shop Owner
James Corrigan profile
James Corrigan
as Froggo
Rosalie Craig profile
Rosalie Craig
as Nan's Mum
Jack Doolan profile
Jack Doolan
as Terry
Emer Hedderman profile
Emer Hedderman
as Nurse
Ruchika Jain profile
Ruchika Jain
as Nira
Tim Laubscher profile
Tim Laubscher
as Nutsack
Bill Murphy profile
Bill Murphy
as Officer Jon
Paul Reid profile
Paul Reid
as Mr. Taylor

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