Attend The Upcoming Film Premieres february 2018

Nowdays, everyone is so connected to the world through social media that entertainment is just a click away and the craze for movies ,actors, premiers have increased many folds due to the glamour, dream come true opportunities that come along with a premiere. First of all what is a premiere of a movie

What is a premiere?

Premiere represents the first public presentation of a movie or debut presentation of a movie. Now premiere can be done more than one time depending upon the languages used suppose a English film had a world premiere in London in English it can have a premiere in India if its dubbed and released in Hindi so there are two premiere’s for the same movie but different languages.

What a premiere in London has in store?

A premiere in London ,the first thing that comes in mind is the red carpet.

Red Carpet Excitement:

premieres in leicester square

The red carpet is the thing to be cherished for life if one has got the chance to attend a premiere of a film. One can be in touching distance to your dream actor, though there will be staff constantly urging you move fast. The moment captured on red carpet would remain the most cherished one, who knows you can get a click with your dream superstar and autograph to follow with. Red carpet the most happening place in the premiere as the crowd will be cheering you as you walk through the red carpet and the feeling of the celebrity will creep in.

The Paparazzi Corner:

paparazzi corner

The paparazzi corner is the one to see, with all the celebrity posing there for clicks. Interviews to follow after that, it is the most happening corner for the celebrities and the press .All the leading newspapers, press are present there.

New Swag:

Every premiere marks the a totally new fashion trend as people wear to impress by almost spending ten times the time they actually wear the dress by preplanning the dress .Celebrity are so nervous about the dress sometimes that they turn as if the dresses were not complete leading to havoc or disaster .Some set the trend to be followed by wearing the best ever worn on the day

Diversified Crowd:

The best thing about the London premiere is that its open to public’ anyone in the production can give you a pass, then there are passes for journalist, press, media, different production houses. Competition winners are the one who are most excited as they are treated to never to be forgotten experience, there are also people who are from relatives from crew and PR Team.The people from media are the most scruffiest one.


Before the premiere there is a presentation held inside the theatre so as to show all the important people involved in it, the cast, production house ,director, producer .They share their experience in the film and their expectations and some questions they answer from audience.

Followed by the screening of the movie

Return Gifts

The return gifts one receives after a movie screening is the one to be cherished forever and remains a moment to be cherished on forever in life usually the merchandise of the movie to go with and a thanksgiving speech at the end on behalf of the whole team and people congratulate the cast and director and the worthy critics do comment on the movie outside where press is curious to know about the movie.

Not So Glamarous:

In reality thera are long queues before entering the theatre ,so it means waiting. There are more than thousand of people trying to enter. There are two paths to enter one for the VIPS and other for the general public. In (Vue) Leicester square there are upstairs where usually VIPS are seated and the general public are seated via different entrance. At the seat one will find water to drink and cookies to go with.

People dress to impress create a problem for themselves as one has to wait quite a long for the screening to actually take place, a good hour and half to wait for people depending on the arrival of the celebrities and the activities to be carried out by them for PR ,promotions ,interviews and other activities too.

Best Venues In London For Premiere:

  • O2 ARENA
  • BFI Southbank
  • Vue Leicester Square
  • Regent Street Cinema
  • Odeon Leicester Square
  • Washington Hotel, 5 Curzon St. Mayfair
  • Cineworld at The Empire Theatre

Upcoming Premieres Of 2018:

the mercy london premiere 2018

the mercy

Tuesday 6th February


black panther london premiere 2018

black panther

Thursday 8th February


red sparrow london premiere 2018

red sparrow

Monday 19th February


mary magdalene london premiere 2018

mary magdalene

Monday 26th February


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Usually the Premieres are taking place a this time Monday-Friday:

  • 4:45pm Press pens open
  • 5:30pm Press pens close
  • 5:45pm Photographers draw
  • 6:30pm Talent arrivals
  • 7:00pm Doors open
  • 7:30pm Film on screen

Note premieres at the weekend may start 10am and some of the could not attend the red carpet.

Remember bring something to eat and a drink with you
  1. Stay near the entrance of the cinema as often all the stars stop to meet their fans
  2. Try to be early that would help you to stay in fron to the cinema
  3. Often you can get to meet the actors and actresses in the film besides invited celebrities as they come out, so don’t panic if you miss them as they go in.
  4. Do always bring an umbrella it could rain
  5. Going with a friend can help you to secure a spot if you need to pop to the toilet

Thes Tips are great for Film Fans for the film premieres london , Autograph Collectors, photographers and anyone attending the film premiere.


Odeon leicester square premieres

Odeon leicester square premieres

Definitely Leicester Square is home to some of the best, oldest and larges Premieres around London you will find a Total of 3 cinemas, and More locating nearby. They are debatable well-known and important theaters in London, many of the UK premieres of big blockbusters. If this is your first time in London You will be very impressed by the size of the saloon - the big screens and cinemas can oftern seat about 1,700 consumers. However note that the MASA Ticket reflect the incredible facilities - a normally ticket is more expensive than the a common cinema.Leicester Square Odeon

Empire Leicester Square

Empire Leicester Square

The Empire was opened on 1884 as a West End theatre on Leicester Square, also as a ballet venue, with a capacitance of about 2,000 seats

VUE Leicester Square

VUE Leicester Square

Vue West End is located in the prestigious London Leicester Square. The nine-screen cinema also continues to host some of the biggest movie premiere the UK has to offer, where movie stars walk the red carpet at the Vue. the cinema also has 3 screens in 3d,to give you the best experiance in london movie premieres 2015