London Film Premieres 2023

Bringing the daily premiere around London Exclusive celebrities photos and videos on interviews, trailers and more.

red carpet events in Leicester square march 2023, london film premieres deliver you all the information you need in the movie events calendar, from upcoming film premieres

Get a chance to meet your favorite Actresses / Actors, get their autographs and selfies We only report when events are confirmed on the red carpet.We post premiere announcements as we are notified. If it is not posted on the site then we await confirmation. Thank you for continued support, we greatly appreciate it.


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Upcoming London Film Premieres 2023

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Recent london film premieres

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Upcoming films

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Who can go to movie premieres?

Everyone can attempt a london premiere 

Can people in wheelchairs attend the premiere?

Absolutely, there is a exclusive section usually near  where get to know the actors and is the best place that you can be

How do you get invited to a movie premiere?

You don’t actually need to get invited, you can attend the premiere you just need to be there early

If none of the actors are part of your family sadly you need to enter some contest and be lucky enough to win

Some prizes / tickets  giving by companies holding the movie,example there is a new marvel movie coming up, follow marvel on the social medias  twitter, instagram etc,there are also magazines in the showbiz who also do some contest

Do I need tickets ?

Usually you don’t need tickets to attend the premiere, you just need to be there early, those who arrive early are move into a place where they get to see the movie for free just after the premiere finish

There are also contest and giveaways that you can apply on the social media just follow the movie profile that you are attending

Where do I get the wristbands ?

Not all the events The wristbands are giving in the same day of the premiere, the wristband comes in different colours which set in which part on the premiere you’ll be and the colours are base of the time that you get wristband,  I recommend you to be early morning they will be working to set the all scenario base on the premiere, depending on the time that they finish working with the whole scenario they let people in 

What time do movie premieres start?

Usually the Premieres are taking place a this time Monday-Friday:

  • 4:45pm Press pens open
  • 5:30pm Press pens close
  • 5:45pm Photographers draw
  • 6:30pm Talent arrivals
  • 7:00pm Doors open
  • 7:30pm Film on screen

Note premieres at the weekend may start 10am and some of the could not attend the red carpet.

Before attend a london film premiere

  1. Stay near the entrance of the cinema as often all the stars stop to meet their fans
  2. Try to be early that would help you to stay in fron to the cinema
  3. Often you can get to meet the actors and actresses in the film besides invited celebrities as they come out, so don’t panic if you miss them as they go in.
  4. Lot of people came from abroad to attend the premiere…remember to bring an umbrella 
  5. Going with a friend can help you to secure a spot if you need to pop to the toilet

Thes Tips are great for Film Fans for the film premieres london , Autograph Collectors, photographers and anyone attending the film premiere.

Where are movie premieres held in London?

  • O2 ARENA
  • BFI Southbank
  • Vue Leicester Square
  • Regent Street Cinema
  • Odeon Leicester Square
  • Washington Hotel, 5 Curzon St. Mayfair
  • Cineworld at The Empire Theatre