Bullet Train London Film Premiere 2022

Ladybug (Brad Pitt) is an unlucky assassin determined to do his job peacefully after one too many gigs gone off the rails. Fate, however, may have other plans, as Ladybug's latest mission puts him on a collision course with lethal adversaries from around the globe-all with connected, yet conflicting, objectives-on the world's fastest train. The end of the line is just the beginning in this non-stop thrill-ride through modern-day Japan.

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Five assassins aboard a fast moving bullet train find out their missions have something in common.

Bullet Train London Premieres CONFIRMED

  • Status: Confirmed
  • Date:July 20, 2022
  • Location: Cineworld Leicester Square, London
  • Attended by: Brad Pitt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Joey King, Director David Leitch, Producer Kelly Mccormick
  • Release in Cinemas: 2022-08-05
  • Runtime: 152 minutes

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Did you know ... ?

  1. Director David Leitch and Brad Pitt had a long working relationship before Bullet Train (2022). Leitch has worked as Pitt's stunt double in multiple films including Fight Club (1999), Ocean's Eleven (2001), Troy (2004) and Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005). Pitt also made a cameo in Leitch's second directorial effort Deadpool 2 (2018).
  2. Brad Pitt did 95% of his own stunts in this film according to stunt coordinator Greg Rementer.
  3. Sandra Bullock replaced Lady Gaga for this movie.
  4. David Leitch had to drop out as director of The Division to work on the film.
  5. Bullet Train is based on the Japanese novel "Maria Beetle" by Kôtarô Isaka, which was first published in 2010. The visibility from the film production lead to Harvill Secker's acquisition of the novel's English publishing rights, bringing Isaka's work to English for the first time.
  6. The credited name for Bad Bunny's character-- Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio-- was in fact his real name before adopting the stage name Bad Bunny.
  7. Sony executives reportedly reached out to Aaron Taylor-Johnson after being impressed by his scenes in Bullet Train, to star as the title character in Kraven the Hunter (2023).
  8. Second film of 2022 to feature both Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt, the first being The Lost City (2022).
  9. The first trailer for Bullet Train featured Bee Gee's song "Stayin' Alive" in three languages: Japanese, Spanish and English.

Where was Bullet Train filmed?

This are the locations:

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
  • California, USA
  • Sony Pictures Studios - 10202 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, California, USA


Joey King profile
Joey King
as Prince
Karen Fukuhara profile
Karen Fukuhara
Zazie Beetz profile
Zazie Beetz
as Hornet
Brad Pitt profile
Brad Pitt
as Ladybug
Sandra Bullock profile
Sandra Bullock
as Maria Beetle
Aaron Taylor-Johnson profile
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
as Tangerine
Michael Shannon profile
Michael Shannon
as White Death
Logan Lerman profile
Logan Lerman
as The Son
Pasha D. Lychnikoff profile
Pasha D. Lychnikoff
Hiroyuki Sanada profile
Hiroyuki Sanada
as Elder
Brian Tyree Henry profile
Brian Tyree Henry
as Lemon
Emelina Adams profile
Emelina Adams
as Angelina Young
Andrew Koji profile
Andrew Koji
as Kimura
Bad Bunny profile
Bad Bunny
as Wolf
Masi Oka profile
Masi Oka
Johanna Watts profile
Johanna Watts
as Wife
Andrea Muñoz profile
Andrea Muñoz
as Mrs. Wolf
Waymond Lee profile
Waymond Lee
as Psenger

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