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  • Status: Not information yet
  • Date: Not information yet
  • Location: Not information yet
  • Release in Cinemas: 2024-03-01
  • directors: Adrian Molina

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Did you know ... ?

  1. Elio's phone case is the rabbit from Pixar's short film, Burrow (2020).
  2. Jameela Jamil's 2nd animated film, after DC League of Super-Pets (2022).
  3. America Ferrera's first theatrically released animated film outside Dreamworks Animation's How To Train Your Dragon franchise.
  4. Adrian Molina's first Pixar film as the main director, after having previously been the co-director of Coco (2017).
  5. Brad Garrett's second Pixar film to not be directed or co-directed by Andrew Stanton after Ratatouille (2007).
  6. Pixar's third science fiction film, with the first two being WALL-E (2008) and Lightyear (2022).




America Ferrera profile
America Ferrera
as Olga Solis
Jameela Jamil profile
Jameela Jamil
as Ambassador Questa
Brad Garrett profile
Brad Garrett
as Ambassador Grigon
Yonas Kibreab profile
Yonas Kibreab
as Elio
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