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If Beale Street Could Talk London film premiere 2023

African-American teen sweethearts Fonny and Tish are ripped apart when Fonny is wrongly arrested for the rape of a Puerto Rican woman because of the machinations of a racist cop. While seeking justice for Fonny, a pregnant Tish relies on her Harlem community, including her sister, mother Sharon and future mother-in-law.

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  • Release in Cinemas: 2018-12-25
  • Runtime: 119 minutes
  • directors: Barry Jenkins

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Did you know ... ?

  1. The name Deux Soeurs is displayed at the perfume counter where Tish works. Deux Soeurs is not a known parfumerie, but Deux Soeurs, LLC is credited as the film's copyright holder. The story also features two pairs of sisters.
  2. For light, Barry Jenkins and cinematographer James Laxton looked at Roy DeCarava's work: "We wanted to translate Baldwin's language and Harlem's clean energy into visual writing and photography."
  3. The title is a reference to the 1916 W.C. Handy blues song "Beale Street Blues", named after Beale Street in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee. The song is on Louis Armstrong album Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. from 1954.
  4. Sound is very important to Barry Jenkins who was a student of sound engineer Richard Portman during his film studies. The latter is known to have developed with Robert Altman the "multitrack" device. The director details the work done by Onnalee Blank, the sound editing supervisor, and Mathew Waters, the mixer his re-recordings.
  5. The first trailer was released on August 2, 2018, which would have been the 94th birthday of novelist James Baldwin.
  6. Part of the filming took place at St. Nicolas Avenue, which Barry Jenkins knows well for having lived in the corner on 145th Street for a long time.




KiKi Layne profile
KiKi Layne
as Tish Rivers
Stephan James profile
Stephan James
as Alonzo 'Fonny' Hunt
Regina King profile
Regina King
as Sharon Rivers
Teyonah Parris profile
Teyonah Parris
as Ernestine Rivers
Colman Domingo profile
Colman Domingo
as Joseph Rivers
Ethan Barrett profile
Ethan Barrett
as Young Fonny
Ebony Obsidian profile
Ebony Obsidian
as Adrienne Hunt
Dominique Thorne profile
Dominique Thorne
as Sheila Hunt
Michael Beach profile
Michael Beach
as Frank Hunt
Aunjanue Ellis profile
Aunjanue Ellis
as Mrs. Hunt
Diego Luna profile
Diego Luna
as Pedrocito
Emily Rios profile
Emily Rios
as Victoria Rogers
Ed Skrein profile
Ed Skrein
as Officer Bell
Finn Wittrock profile
Finn Wittrock
as Hayward
Brian Tyree Henry profile
Brian Tyree Henry
as Daniel Carty
Shabazz Ray profile
Shabazz Ray
as Black Cat #2
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