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Lightyear London film premiere 2023

Legendary space ranger Buzz Lightyear embarks on an intergalactic adventure alongside ambitious recruits Izzy, Mo, Darby, and his robot companion, Sox. As this motley crew tackles their toughest mission yet, they must learn to work together as a team to escape the evil Zurg and his dutiful robot army that are never far behind.

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  • Release in Cinemas: 2022-06-17
  • Runtime: 100 minutes
  • directors: Angus MacLane

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Did you know ... ?

  1. The oxygen tanks in the movie are actually the scream canisters used in Monsters, Inc.
  2. At around the teasers thirty-three second mark, when Buzz's Cool Starship is entering space, you can see the Pixar lamp in the background as a constellation of stars
  3. The ship's internal voice activated navigator (IVAN), the equivalent of a GPS, acts like a real-world, misbehaving GPS. It's voiced by Mary McDonald-Lewis who's also the voice of OnStar's navigation system.
  4. When doing his mission logs, Lightyear says the same recurring line from the Toy Story movies when landing on another planet: "Buzz Lightyear to Mission Log. There appears to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere." Every instance of this line is also interrupted in some way.
  5. The Space Ranger suit that Darby wears throughout the film reads "Tempus". This is a reference to "Tempus from Morph", one of the names being considered for Buzz Lightyear early in development of the original Toy Story (1995). The "Tempus from Morph" name was used in the 1992 test footage for that film.
  6. The names for most of the characters share names with Portland, Oregon, bridges: Hawthorne, Burnside, Morrison, Steel, and Sellwood.
  7. On Buzz's ship, there's a piece of technology that gives him trouble. He pops out the unit, blows into it to clear out the dust, and sticks it back in, after which it miraculously works. This is similar to a widely-used technique for the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) & SEGA consoles, when game cartridges failed to load properly. (However, Nintendo at the time warned against it, and many game experts since then have debunked the practice as an urban legend. Blowing on the cartridge actually tended to make the problem worse by corroding the copper pins, making it harder for the NES/SEGA connector pins to make a clean connection.)
  8. James Brolin admitted that he had never seen any of the previous Toy Story movies so knew nothing about any of the characters in this film. He said he agreed to voice Zurg purely on the grounds that '...the Pixar guys have good judgement'.
  9. At the film's premiere, Chris Evans (jokingly) apologized to James Brolin for beating up his son Josh Brolin in Avengers: Endgame (2019).
  10. This film is rated PG by the MPAA, unlike all four main Toy Story films in the franchise, which were rated G. However, due to the brief same-sex kiss, it became the first children's animated film to be given an NC16 rating in Singapore, equivalent to an R rating in the US.
  11. Astrophobia is a real irrational fear (phobia) of stars and celestial space.
  12. Bill Hader is the only actor to appear in a Toy Story film as well as Lightyear. As he played Axel the Carnie in Toy Story 4 (2019) and in Lightyear he plays the rookie, Featheringhamstan.
  13. The letter "c" is used for speed (0.6c, 0.7c); c is defined as the maximum speed, which is the speed of light, as in Einstein's famous e=mc².
  14. Shane Sweet played a kid in the original Toy Story, now she returns to a Toy Story property in Lightyear as providing additional voices.
  15. Pixar regular John Ratzenberger does not appear. While he appeared in every Toy Story entry, he similarly did not appear in the spin-offs Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins (2000) and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (2000).
  16. WILHELM SCREAM: heard when Buzz and Featheringhamstan are falling after Hawthorne shoots the vine they were stuck on.
  17. The concept of a meat-bread-meat sandwich was previously seen in Taika Waititi's first feature-length film, Eagle vs Shark (2007). The beginning of that film depicts a fast-food restaurant that offers a Crazy Burger, which has bread, lettuce, tomato, and cheese between two meat patties. Waititi provides the voice for Mo Morrison in Lightyear.
  18. When Buzz first encounters Izzy, Izzy's suit has the number "42" on it. This could be a reference to the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, from Douglas Adams' series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1981), frequently used in science fiction, or a reference to Jackie Robinson's Brooklyn Dodgers uniform number as the first African American to play Major League Baseball.
  19. DERIC's front panel has the same inscription in the exact same handwriting that Pvt. Vasquez wore in Aliens (1986): El Riesgo Siempre Vive (The Risk Always Lives), which is analogous to 'Luck Favors The Bold'.
  20. The scene in the foggy forest is a nod to the Star Wars franchise.
  21. The robot cat character, SOX, is possibly based on Comet, a character from the cancelled Circle 7 version of Toy Story 3 and the cat sidekick to the main antagonist of said version of aforementioned movie, Daxx Blastar.
  22. IVAN read backwards is NAVI for navigation system.
  23. This is the second Toy Story spin-off after Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (2000).
  24. E.R.I.C. is renamed D/E.R.I.C. The D probably stands for Decommissioned.
  25. Sox bears a resemblance with Goose, the "cat" in Captain Marvel (2019) in the way that it is more dangerous than meets the eye and can "regurgitate" important items.
  26. The film's opening text is inspired by the opening text of Top Gun (1986). Its sequel Top Gun: Maverick (2022) came out just a week prior Lightyear's release.
  27. It is believed that Zurg's design in this movie was inspired by that of Mazinger Z, since both have a somewhat similar design to each-other, and are able to fire their arms as missiles (though in Zurg's case, he has a chain attached to keep his arm from getting lost after firing it, much like Getter Robo Go). This is backed up by the fact that Greg Peltz, the character modeling artist and art director for the movie, stated in an interview that Zurg's design is indeed inspired by that of several super robots and mecha from Japanese anime
  28. At the end of the movie while Buzz is fighting against Zurg it shows the Atari symbol on the eject button within the XL- 15 space ship.
  29. Buzz Lightyear is seen wearing space uniforms with the abbreviation "SC" marked on them for "Star Command". "SC" was also seen on another character who was played by Tim Allen; Scott Calvin/Santa Claus, when wearing their pajamas. That time the "SC" stood for "Santa Claus" or "Scott Calvin" instead of "Star Command".
  30. This is not the first time Zurg is depicted as being two times taller than Buzz Lightyear. In the video game adaptation of Toy Story 2, where Zurg appears as a boss, he is shown to be twice the size of Buzz, and it is likely where the writers of this film got the idea for making Zurg as tall as he is in the movie.
  31. The opening text reads, "In 1995, a boy named Andy got a Buzz Lightyear toy for his birthday. It was from his favorite movie. This is that movie."
  32. John Lasseter, creator of the Buzz Lightyear character and the Toy Story franchise, expressed his disdain for the film. He is the second among the Toy Story alumni to criticize the movie, following original Buzz Lightyear voice actor Tim Allen.
  33. Near the end of the film when Buzz first sees himself inside the Zurg suit he says "Father?" This is a reference to Toy Story 2 (1999) when Zurg tells the 2nd Buzz he is his father. Parodying "Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back."
  34. The Spaceship Buzz and his Team uses at the end of the movie resembles the box in which toy Buzz in Toy Story is delivered.
  35. Lightyear (2022) and Toy Story (1995) have a similar introduction of Buzz. In both movies he recites the exact same opening line while recording his mission logs when arriving to an "unknown planet". He also gets interrupted by a character who ends up becoming his best friend.
  36. The date difference from beginning to end is 88 years.
  37. During the first post-credits scene, an alien statue from "The Claw" scene in Toy Story (1995) can be seen on a pedestal stating "Pixar". Also present is a Burn-E statue from Wall-E (2008).
  38. At about 51:00, Buzz and his crew are being chased by Zurg in his fighter. The profile of Buzz's ship (as shown on Zurg's radar) looks like the aliens from the claw machine in Toy Story.
  39. Lightyear (2022) and Toy Story (1995) share a similar character arc for Buzz, in which he alienates his adventure partners at the beginning and then eventually accepts them and they become a real team.
  40. Buzz Lightyear and Zurg are the only two characters to appear from the "Toy Story" films.
  41. At the conclusion of the film when Burnside is sat at his desk and a bug hits the shield, the bust of several space -related Disney characters can be seen on the shelves to his right. This includes an alien from Toy Story and Burn-E from Wall-E.
  42. When Buzz activates his jet pack, the wings pop out horizontally from the sides of the pack. This is like the original Buzz Lightyear toy from Thinkway Toys where had short wings spring out from the pack's sides rather than an upside down 90 degree angle like the Buzz of the Toy Story films and later versions of the Buzz toy.
  43. Buzz Lightyear attempts to evade capture from Zurg by hiding under the floor in vent shafts. This is similar to what Newt did in Aliens when she was trying to evade capture from the Queen Alien. Each time Zurg lifts a floor vent cover, Buzz Lightyear goes in a different direction, just like Newt did in Aliens.
  44. A nod to the Star Wars franchise, Sox acts as a droid to copilot the ship in the final scene.
  45. a vending machine is selling "Wade Water". This is a reference to Pixar's next movie Elemental (2023). The main character is named Wade Ripple and he is a water elemental.
  46. When Buzz achieves 100% hyper speed, there are two bursts of energy in front of his ship going in opposite directions. This would imply that due to event, it would later be revealed that the timeline was split, allowing for two Buzz Lightyears to exist, one who we all know from the film, and the other who became Zurg.
  47. When helping Buzz escape being decommissioned to go on the test flight using the new hyperspace fuel, Sox showcases he can use Tranquillizer Darts to sedate some star command operatives who try to arrest Buzz, with him quickly figuring out their intent was originally to be used to subdue him if he ever got too far out of line. Sox uses these in the climax to immobilize Zurg, a version of Buzz who indeed got "too far out of line".
  48. At one point, an exasperated Buzz wishes that he had a time machine to avoid this whole mess. An alternate version of him managed to do so.
  49. The film's main poster image seen above has Zurg as an Evil Overlooker to Buzz and the space trainees. Buzz's position has him placed entirely within Zurg's silhouette, and its eventually revealed that the "Zurg" seen in the movie is actually a Mini-Mecha piloted by an older version of Buzz, who sits inside the chest piece in almost the exact same location.
  50. After losing the fuel cell, Buzz tells the team he needs to be by himself (alone) before getting captured by Zurg meaning he is indeed by himself (alongside his alternate self).
  51. After Buzz lands after achieving hyper speed, and when the Zyclops takes the XL-15 to Zurg, he demanded to know where Buzz was, implying that he was after his past self. It's also worth noting that during the chase between Zurg's fighter ship and the armadillo, Zurg's piloting skills seem almost the same as Buzz's.




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