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  • Release in Cinemas: 2022-11-04
  • Runtime: 102 minutes
  • directors: Oliver Hermanus

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Did you know ... ?

  1. Kazuo Ishiguro had dreamed of doing a remake of Ikiru in English with Bill Nighy for many years. One night he and his wife ended up sharing a cab with Nighy after a party, and he pitched the idea. Nighy had never seen Ikiru, but once he watched it he enthusiastically signed on to the project.
  2. During a Q & A at the 2022 AFI Film Festival, Bill Nighy confessed that despite numerous opportunities, he has not seen the finished film. He dislikes watching himself onscreen, and hasn't watched most of his films.
  3. Lyons Corner Houses were a chain of upmarket tea shops that, at their peak, had 250 in London alone, although their popularity declined after WW2 due to changing tastes and the last one closed in 1977. Interestingly Lyons were directly responsible for the introduction of programmable electronic mainframe computers into the UK after commissioning a team of engineers to build one to help automate part of the business The result was so successful and gained so much attention that Lyons set up their own computer manufacturing division, called LEO to make and sell commercial computer business systems systems. LEO branded computer's were still in use until the early 1980s although the company had disappeared long before then , eventually becoming ICL.
  4. The production designers went to a great deal of trouble to make this film look like it was made in the era it was set, including avoiding quick edits, softening the colour palette and using a relevant font for the film credits.
  5. Vintage 1950s colour newsreel footage was digitally cleaned up for this film to add authenticity to establishing shots of London.
  6. We find out that Mr Williams lives in Esher, Surrey. Assuming he gets on the train to London Waterloo at Esher this would mean his colleagues get on the same train at Hersham (the prior stop ) or possibly Walton on Thames if there is a stop before not seen in the movie.
  7. Bill Nighy sings in this film. He also sang in "Love Actually" (2003).




Bill Nighy profile
Bill Nighy
as Williams
Aimee Lou Wood profile
Aimee Lou Wood
as Margaret Harris
Alex Sharp profile
Alex Sharp
as Peter Wakeling
Adrian Rawlins profile
Adrian Rawlins
as Middleton
Oliver Chris profile
Oliver Chris
as Hart
Michael Cochrane profile
Michael Cochrane
as Sir James
Anant Varman profile
Anant Varman
as Singh
Zoe Boyle profile
Zoe Boyle
as Mrs. McMasters
Lia Williams profile
Lia Williams
as Mrs. Smith
Jessica Flood profile
Jessica Flood
as Mrs. Porter
Jamie Wilkes profile
Jamie Wilkes
as Talbot
Richard Cunningham profile
Richard Cunningham
as Harvey
John Mackay profile
John Mackay
as Jones
Ffion Jolly profile
Ffion Jolly
as Mrs. Button
Celeste Dodwell profile
Celeste Dodwell
as Mrs. Matthews
Patsy Ferran profile
Patsy Ferran
as Fiona
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