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  • Release in Cinemas: 2022-09-15
  • Runtime: 135 minutes
  • directors: Brett Morgen

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Did you know ... ?

  1. Near the beginning there is a fragment of Roy Batty's "Tears In Rain" speech from the end of Blade Runner (1982). In that film Roy Batty's "Incept Date" is January 8, 2016 (David Bowie's 69th birthday). This was also the date when it was released Bowie's final studio album Blackstar (which deals with the subject of death). Bowie died two days later, January 10, 2016.
  2. Duncan Jones, David Bowie's BAFTA-winning film director son from his first marriage with Angie Bowie, had toyed with the idea about making an official biographical film about his father. However, he found it difficult to focus on the topic, as he was too close to the subject matter and too emotionally involved to make such a film and would rather concentrate on continuing to make fiction films. However, he did tell Iman (Bowie's wife and his step-mother at the time of his passing) that he wouldn't stand in the way of this film, provided that it was respectful, truthful, and she was happy with it.
  3. In the documentary it is mentioned Terry Burns. He was David Bowie's half-brother by mother. Born in November 5, 1937, Burns was ten years older than Bowie, which was a strong influence to him, after he introduced his younger brother to Beat poetry of William S. Burroughs, Buddhism, jazz, and even magic and the occult. However, Burns suffered schizophrenia, which turned deeper while he served as soldier in the Royal Air Force. At late 60s, when Bowie reached adulthood, Burns was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, but at mid-70s he abandoned his medication and his mind state worsen, being admitted again in the Cane Hill mental hospital. Bowie and Burns met by last time in 1981. Four years later, on January 16, 1985, Burns committed suicide after escaping from the hospital. He was 47.
  4. The documentary includes a lot of David Bowie's unpublished personal material, including photos, home videos and some interviews on TV. Director Brett Morgen talked in person with Bowie's widow, top model Iman, for asking permission to use the material as tribute to Bowie. Although in a first moment she was reluctant to this idea, she was convinced by Morgen's previous works Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015) and Jane (2017) about singer Kurt Cobain and scientist Jane Goodall, where Morgen used personal material from each other to create artistic collages as tribute to them, instead to use in the way to make a classic biographic documentary.
  5. The TV interviewer who questions David Bowie about his shoes is the TV host and journalist Russell Harty. The interview in question was shown on UK television on January 17, 1973. His second interview with Harty (where he questions Bowie about his still kept English accent despite to live two years in Los Angeles) was broadcast on November 28, 1975. The others interviews seen in the documentary are with Dick Cavett (who questions to him if he practiced black magic and why his continuous changes of look) on November 2, 1974, and with Mavis Nicholson (who talks to him about solitude, sexuality, love and marriage) on February 16, 1979.
  6. The documentary omits completely Angie Bowie (neé Barnett). She was David Bowie's first wife from 1970 to 1980, who is mother with him of filmmaker Duncan Jones. Angie is the origin of songs "The Prettiest Star", "Cracked actor" and "Golden Years" that David wrote about her.
  7. The movie title comes from the single recorded by David Bowie in February 1971 and released in May of that year, which was later incorporated to his fifth studio album, "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" (often times named "Ziggy Stardust" for short), published in June 16, 1972. Stardust was one of the most memorable characters created by Bowie used by him as on-stage alter ego.
  8. The ending credits group the cast according to some of the music tours made by David Bowie with years (some musicians appear in more of one tour). The tours mentioned (in order of apparition) are: -The Spiders from Mars (1972-1973): Trevor Bolder, Ken Fordham, Mike Garson, John 'Hutch' Hutchinson, Geoff MacCormack, Mick Ronson, Brian Wilshaw, Mick Woodmansey and Jeff Beck. -Diamond Dogs Tour (1974): Carlos Alomar, Gui Andrisano, Ava Cherry, Robin Clark, Dennis Davis, Greg Errico, Herbie Flowers, Mike Garson (repeated), Richard Grando, Anthony Hinton, Michael Kamen, Emir Ksasan, Geoff MacCormack, Tony Newman, Pablo Rosario, David Sanborn, Earl Slick, Diane Sumler and Luther Vandross. -Stage Tour (1978): Carlos Alomar (repeated), Adrian Belew, Dennis Davis (repeated), Simon House, Sean Mayes, George Murray and Roger Powell. -Serious Moonlight Tour (1983): Carlos Alomar (repeated), Steve Elson, Stan Harrison, David Lebolt, Lenny Pickett, Carmine Rojas, Christopher Simms (as George Simms), Frank Simms, Earl Slick (repeated) and Tony Thompson. -Outside and Earthling Tours (1995-1997): Carlos Alomar (repeated), Zack Alford, Gail Ann Dorsey, Reeves Gabrels, Mike Garson (repeated), Peter Schwartz and Christopher Simms (as George Simms, repeated).
  9. Texas-born and raised blues guitarist, Stevie Ray Vaughan, played guitar on song and music video David Bowie: Let's Dance (1983), launching this now legendary guitarist before a worldwide audience. This was the first major album for Stevie, who tragically passed away in August 27, 1990 at the age of 35 in a helicopter crash in Alpine Valley Wisconsin after a two-night show with headliner Eric Clapton.




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