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Thanksgiving London film premiere 2023

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  • Status: Not information yet
  • Date: Not information yet
  • Location: Not information yet
  • Release in Cinemas: 2023-11-17
  • Runtime: 107 minutes
  • directors: Eli Roth

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Did you know ... ?

  1. Based on the mock-trailer from Grindhouse (2007). Eli Roth directed the Thanksgiving trailer to be shown between the films Planet Terror and Death Proof when shown as a double feature.
  2. Based on the film trailer, it seems that the infamous trampoline scene from the mock trailer (2007) will be featured in the film.
  3. The film much like the fake trailer was co-written by writer and director Eli Roth and stuntman Jeff Rendell, who in the fake trailer played the killer known as The Pilgrim. Roth also appeared in the trailer as one of The Pilgrim's victims during a sex scene who gets decapitated.
  4. Thanksgiving (2023) is the third of the five fake trailers to get the full movie treatment, with Machete (2010) being the first, and Hobo With a Shotgun (2011) being the second. The two that remain are Don't (a trailer based on the European horror movies that included Don't in their title - of which there are quite a few) and Werewolf Women Of The SS, based on the Naziploitation movie genre. The latter, directed by Rob Zombie, is believed to have nearly enough footage for a full-length movie.
  5. The films working title was "Cavern"
  6. This is Eli Roth & Rick Hoffman's first collaboration since Hostel (2005).
  7. In an interview with Total Film Magazine, filmmaker Eli Roth has said this film isn't meant to be the film that was advertised in Grindhouse. "We said, 'Let's pretend Thanksgiving was a movie from 1980 that was so offensive that every print was destroyed. All the scripts were burned. The director disappeared. The crew members changed their names. One person saved the trailer and uploaded it to the darkest corners of 4chan, and now it's made it out. So this is a 2023 reboot.' Once we said that, it freed us up."
  8. Unlike the fake trailer which was filmed in Prague in 2006, this film was shot in Massachusetts on location.




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Rick Hoffman
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Gina Gershon
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Patrick Dempsey
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Milo Manheim
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Addison Rae
as Gabby
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Karen Cliche
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