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The Boys in the Boat London film premiere 2023

The Boys in the Boat is a sports drama based on the #1 New York Times bestselling non-fiction novel written by Daniel James Brown. The film, directed by George Clooney, is about the 1936 University of Washington rowing team that competed for gold at the Summer Olympics in Berlin. This inspirational true story follows a group of underdogs at the height of the Great Depression as they are thrust into the spotlight and take on elite rivals from around the world.

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  • Release in Cinemas: 2023-12-25
  • directors: George Clooney

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Did you know ... ?

  1. Based off the best-selling, non-fiction book of the same title.
  2. The Weinstein Company originally had the rights to a motion picture adaptation of The Boys in the Boat. However, when the company went bankrupt following allegations of sexual misconduct by co-founder and producer Harvey Weinstein, all of its assets, including the rights to this film, were later sold to Lantern Entertainment, which then stuck a deal with MGM to co-produce the film. Lantern's position in the film was later transferred to its newly relaunched Spyglass Media Group with MGM's former chairman and CEO Gary Barber. If this film will find a distributor, it will either go through United Artists Releasing (MGM's theatrical distribution joint venture with Annapurna Pictures) or be handled by a major studio partner like Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures or Sony.
  3. Sir Kenneth Branagh was the original director of the movie before George Clooney was hired.
  4. Exteriors of the swastika draped boathouse and some rowing scenes were filmed on the bank of the river Thames in East Molesey, Surrey (UK) in May 2022.
  5. This is George Clooney's first sports movie after Leatherheads (2008).
  6. James Wolk and Chris Diamantopoulos also starred in A Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special (2023) together.




Joel Edgerton profile
Joel Edgerton
as Coach Al Ulbrickson
Callum Turner profile
Callum Turner
as Joe Rantz
Peter Guinness profile
Peter Guinness
as George Pocock
Sam Strike profile
Sam Strike
as Roger Morris
Thomas Elms profile
Thomas Elms
as Chuck Day
Jack Mulhern profile
Jack Mulhern
as Don Hume
Luke Slattery profile
Luke Slattery
as Bobby Moch
Bruce Herbelin-Earle profile
Bruce Herbelin-Earle
as Shorty Hunt
Wil Coban profile
Wil Coban
as Jim McMillin
Tom Varey profile
Tom Varey
as Johnny White
Joel Phillimore profile
Joel Phillimore
as Gordy Adam
James Wolk profile
James Wolk
as Coach Tom Bolles
Hadley Robinson profile
Hadley Robinson
as Joyce Simdars
Courtney Henggeler profile
Courtney Henggeler
as Hazel Ulbrickson
Chris Diamantopoulos profile
Chris Diamantopoulos
as Royal Brougham
Glenn Wrage profile
Glenn Wrage
as Coach Ky Ebright
Edward Baker-Duly profile
Edward Baker-Duly
as Benjamin Billings
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