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North Americans Hanna and Liv are best friends backpacking in Australia. After they run out of money, Liv, looking for an adventure, convinces Hanna to take a temporary live-in job behind the bar of a pub called 'The Royal Hotel' in a remote Outback mining town. Bar owner Billy and a host of locals give the girls a riotous introduction to Down Under drinking culture but soon Hannah and Liv find themselves trapped in an unnerving situation that grows rapidly out of their control.

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  • Release in Cinemas: 2023-10-06
  • Runtime: 91 minutes
  • directors: Kitty Green

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  1. The film is inspired by the feature documentary film Hotel Coolgardie (2016) which was first released about six years earlier.
  2. The first ever feature film to shoot in the South Australian country town of Yatina.
  3. Second theatrical feature film collaboration of actress Julia Garner and writer-director Kitty Green. The first was The Assistant (2019).
  4. The South Australian country town of Yatina, which is this movie's central filming location, has a population of just nine people.
  5. The movie's two lead actresses, Julia Garner and Jessica Henwick, who portray the characters of Hanna and Liv respectively, are a blonde and brunette, just as the two back-packers, Nicolina and Stephanie, were in this movie's source documentary film Hotel Coolgardie (2016).
  6. As with many of the reviews for this movie's source documentary, Hotel Coolgardie (2016), this picture's story is being likened to such classic Australian outback thrillers as Wolf Creek (2005) and Wake in Fright (1971).
  7. Kate Croser, South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) CEO, has said of this production: "The SAFC is thrilled to be supporting production of 'The Royal Hotel' in South Australia, marking the continuation of our successful production pipeline with multi award winning company See-Saw Films. This exciting new feature film will provide a significant level of production activity in Adelaide and South Australia's regions, as well as employment and training opportunities for South Australian crew, growing the capability of SA's screen industry."
  8. The movie has touted to be debuting at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2023. A 'Little White Lies' website 2022 report declares that ''...we can safely expect a debut at next year's Sundance [Film Festival], where [director Kitty] Green and her work have been warmly received in the past.''
  9. The production via the local Peterborough District Council published an advertisement for extras (background artists) to portray drinkers inside the Royal Hotel with "no experience required". The local government body publicized this on their Facebook social media account and it attracted over 40,000 hits. The Peterborough Tourism Management Committee reported that the July 2022 post entitled ''interested in becoming an extra for a new feature film- 'The Royal Hotel'- reached 40,518 people''.
  10. There was once a real life Royal Hotel once located near the production's abandoned hotel movie set of the Yatina Hotel in Yatina, South Australia. The former Royal Hotel of neighboring country town Terowie tragically burned down and was sadly destroyed by fire in 1934.
  11. This Australian film is expected to be dealing with ''sexual harassment'' in the workplace as did director and co-writer Kitty Green's previous film The Assistant (2019) did except this time it will be set in an outback hotel rather than an executive's office. Previous Aussie movies to examine this include Shame (1988), Gross Misconduct (1993) and Brilliant Lies (1996) which was based on the play by David Williamson. Other pictures to examine this have included, amongst others, David Mamet's Oleanna (1994) and Michael Crichton's Disclosure (1994). Emile Sherman and Iain Canning, producers of 'The Royal Hotel', have also made a picture called Shame (2011), as with the 1988 above-mentioned Australian film of the same name.
  12. The name of the real life outback pub that allegedly inspired the Royal Hotel in the film is the Denver City Hotel in the mining town of Coolgardie in Western Australia. This inspiration is detailed in the observational documentary Hotel Coolgardie (2016).
  13. The Royal Hotel in the movie is portrayed by the now disused country pub the Yatina Hotel. The year it was built was 1874. In 2022, when this picture films, its age is 148 years, just two shy of 150. It will be 149 years old when the movie releases in 2023.
  14. The Yatina Hotel, which portrays the Royal Hotel, during its first years of operation during the mid-late 1870s, was also known as ''Nutt's Hotel'' after Rowland Nutt who built it and Robert Nutt who ran it.
  15. Star Hugo Weaving and actor-screenwriter Oscar Redding both previously starred about a decade earlier in The Turning (2013) but appeared in different segments.
  16. The Royal Hotel is portrayed by the disused heritage country South Australian pub the Yatina Hotel in Yatina, South Australia. ''Yatina'' is an indigenous Australian Aboriginal word and is their name for a black rock which is found in the region.
  17. The nick-name given by male patrons to any new young barmaids going to work at an outback hotel in this picture's source documentary film Hotel Coolgardie (2016) was ''fresh meat''.
  18. Previous Australian ''hotel'' titled theatrical feature films are few and include Hotel Mumbai (2018), Hotel Sorrento (1995), Hotel de Love (1996) and Hotel Underground. The Royal Hotel (2023) is inspired by a feature documentary called Hotel Coolgardie (2016).
  19. The wording chalked on the blackboard sandwich-board outside the outback hotel in this movie's source documentary film Hotel Coolgardie (2016) reads ''NEW GIRLS TONITE!!''. A similar sign appears outside the outback pub on the orange teaser movie poster for ''The Royal Hotel''.
  20. In the film's source documentary Hotel Coolgardie (2016), a old timer character called ''Canman'' / ''Can Man'' featured, and passed away shortly after filming had wrapped. The documentary is dedicated to him. In an example of life imitating art and vice versa, in the classic SAFC (South Australian Film Corporation) SA-shot film Sunday Too Far Away (1975), the old timer drinking character of Old Garth (Reg Lye) passes away during the picture's story. 'The Royal Hotel', which is a fictionalized dramatized feature film version of 'Hotel Coolgardie', is filmed in South Australia and is an SAFC supported film production.
  21. Two of the movie's lead cast have starred in ''The Matrix'' movie franchise. Actress Jessica Henwick starred in The Matrix Resurrections (2021) whilst actor Hugo Weaving starred in The Matrix (1999), The Matrix Reloaded (2003) and The Matrix Revolutions (2003) as well as doing voice work for Enter the Matrix (2003) video-game. Together, they have a collective representation in all of ''The Matrix'' film series productions.
  22. The movie has been described as a ''social thriller inspired by true events'' according to the film's official publicity.
  23. Despite both appearing in ''The Matrix'' film franchise, actress Jessica Henwick and actor Hugo Weaving have never actually appeared in the same installment of the popular movie series.
  24. Cast members Jessica Henwick and Hugo Weaving have both appeared in Marvel universe superhero productions with they being Iron Fist (2017) and Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) respectively.
  25. Stars Toby Wallace and Hugo Weaving have both won AFI*/AACTA** Best Lead Actor in a Feature Film awards. They have been for Babyteeth (2019) for Wallace and for Weaving Proof (1991), Little Fish (2005) and The Interview (1998) respectively [*Australian Film Institute **Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts]. Weaving has also won AACTA Best Supporting Actor awards for Hacksaw Ridge (2016), The Dressmaker (2015) and Oranges and Sunshine (2010).
  26. Producer Liz Watts said: "[co-writer-director] Kitty Green has the rare ability to create compelling, edge of your seat cinema that draws you in from the opening scene. We are thrilled to be partnering with Neon to bring The Royal Hotel to audiences."
  27. First produced screenplay for a theatrical feature film of actor-writer-producer Oscar Redding in about a dozen years with his last having being Van Diemen's Land (2009). He co-wrote this movie's screenplay with the film's director Kitty Green who previously has written the acclaimed motion picture The Assistant (2019). 'The Royal Hotel' represents the second dramatic feature film written by each of these movie screenwriters.
  28. ''The Royal Hotel'' is the most common pub name in Australia according to publicity for this movie.
  29. Though official publicity has stated that this movie is a ''psychological thriller'' some early media reports are stating that the film is a actually a ''horror movie''.
  30. Many of the movie's key creatives have a connection with the spy film genre or James Bond or the latter's creator Ian Fleming. Producers Iain Canning and Emile Sherman produced Operation Mincemeat (2021) which features Fleming as a character played by Johnny Flynn and was written by Ben Macintyre who also wrote the book 'For Your Eyes Only: Ian Fleming and James Bond' (2008) ; actress Jessica Henwick has starred in Glass Onion (2022) with James Bond star Daniel Craig and Spectre (2015) actor Dave Bautista and she has also starred in Cuckoo (2023) with this title word being a catch-phrase of Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Christoph Waltz) ; actress Julia Garner has starred in Apartment 7A (2023) whose title has the same 007 code-number of seven, played Kimberly Breland in the Cold War spy television series The Americans (2013) and worked with No Time to Die (2021) director Cary Joji Fukunaga on the mini-series Maniac (2018) which was the previous production he shot prior to No Time to Die (2021) ; actor Hugo Weaving in V for Vendetta (2005) played ''V'' - a single letter character name like ''M'', ''Q'', ''R'' & ''C'' , he also narrated the ASIO spy-drama I, Spry (2010) and co-starred in Cloud Atlas (2012) alongside Die Another Day (2002) Bond Girl Halle Berry and regular series Q-actor Ben Whishaw ; director and co-writer Kitty Green has made two documentaries related to the Ukraine (Ukraine Is Not a Brothel (2013) and The Face of Ukraine: Casting Oksana Baiul (2015)): Quantum of Solace (2008) Ukrainian Bond Girl actress Olga Kurylenko starred in The Water Diviner (2014) which shot in South Australia where The Royal Hotel (2023) is filmed ; Kitty Green also has a first name synonymous with the first name of the Goldfinger (1964) Bond Girl character Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman) - a parody of this character's name is included in the title of Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (2010) ; moreover, actor Toby Wallace has actually starred in a movie called Galore (2013) ; the Bond movie Quantum of Solace (2008) features a desert hotel in the finale, whilst similarly, the title setting of The Royal Hotel (2023) is in the Australian outback ; The Royal Hotel (2023) also shares the word royal(e) in the title just like the Bond movie Casino Royale (2006) and its two earlier versions Casino Royale (1967) and Casino Royale (1954).
  31. Fourth theatrical feature film that production house See-Saw Films has filmed in South Australia (SA). The first was Tracks (2013), the second was Oranges and Sunshine (2010) and the third is The Stranger (2022). The production company has also shot the television series Firebite (2021) in the state.
  32. There has been a real life Royal Hotel in outback Australia on the Birdsville Track. The desert hotel was located on Adelaide Street in the country town of Birdsville in the Shire of Diamantina in Queensland and is now a heritage listed ruins. The Birdsville Track is mostly situated in Far Northern South Australia with the outback town of Birdsville just situated over the border in the South West corner of Queensland.
  33. Debut Australian theatrical feature film of Australian-born writer-director Kitty Green.
  34. Producer Liz Watts has said: "Shooting has kicked off in the stunning landscapes of South Australia and 'The Royal Hotel' is well underway to be an undeniably gripping film under Kitty Green's distinctive direction."
  35. Production House See-Saw's third consecutive major production in South Australia in as many years following the television series Firebite (2021) and the feature film The Stranger (2022).
  36. Principal photography was originally expected to start lensing in Australia in the summer of 2022 but actually started shooting down under during the end of the winter month of August 2022.
  37. The North American rights to this picture were acquired quite early in a pre-sale to distributor NEON with the property considered a ''hot ticket'' in the slate of forthcoming Australian feature film productions.
  38. Peterborough Mayor Ruth Whittle told Australia's '7 News' that she ''never expected the pub [The Yatina Hotel], which was built in 1874 but hasn't been open for years, would be the backdrop for a horror movie.'' She also possibly revealed a potential spoiler by saying of the now disused Yatina Hotel: ''On dance nights it was a good place to be but never the centre of a murder or murder movie''. Though official publicity has stated that this movie is a ''psychological thriller'' some early media reports are stating that the film is a ''horror movie''.
  39. South Australian Minister for The Arts, the Hon. Andrea Michaels, has said of this production: "It is a pleasure to welcome Academy Award winning company See-Saw Films back to South Australia with feature film 'The Royal Hotel'. This is their third consecutive major production in the state in as many years.'' She added: "This major international production will bring significant benefits to South Australia. Not only will it create hundreds of local jobs, employing 225 of our state's highly skilled screen industry professionals in a majority South Australian crew, the film will inject an estimated $4.6 million into our local economy, including in the regions. With the rights having already sold in the US for a theatrical release, this highly anticipated new thriller will be an international showcase of South Australia's remarkable outback locations, the capability of our Adelaide Studios production facilities and our exceptional screen talent - exporting South Australian knowledge and creativity to the world. She concluded: "I commend the SAFC [South Australian Film Corporation] for securing this exciting feature film for South Australia, cementing our state's international reputation as a world class location for premium screen production."
  40. Head of Content at Screen Australia, Grainne Brunsdon has said of this film: "We're delighted to support award-winning director Kitty Green's first feature at home in Australia with this uniquely Australian psychological thriller. Together with the exceptional team at See-Saw, talented co-writer Oscar Redding and an outstanding cast, Green is poised to make a big splash and we're confident this film will enthral audiences here and around the world."
  41. This picture reunites actress Julia Garner and writer-director Kitty Green who both previously worked together on the filmmaker's breakout hit The Assistant (2019) which premiered at the 2019 Telluride Film Festival and earned Garner an Independent Spirit Award nomination.
  42. Previous Australian movies to feature an outback pub / desert hotel include Sunstruck (1972), Dimboola (1979), Wake in Fright (1971), Sunday Too Far Away (1975), Welcome to Woop Woop (1997), Crazy Days at the old Brumby Moon (2016) and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994).
  43. Star Toby Wallace and actor-screenwriter Oscar Redding both previously starred about a decade earlier in The Turning (2013) but appeared in different segments.
  44. Key Creatives - producer Kath Shelper, actors Toby Wallace and Hugo Weaving and actor-writer Oscar Redding - all previously worked on The Turning (2013) about a decade earlier.
  45. Peterborough Mayor Ruth Whittle told Australia's '7 News' that she ''never expected the pub [The Yatina Hotel], which was built in 1874 but hasn't been open for years, would be the backdrop for a horror movie.'' She also said of the now disused Yatina Hotel: ''On dance nights it was a good place to be but never the centre of a murder or murder movie''.
  46. Second South Australian theatrical feature film to have the word ''hotel'' in the title in just a few years. The first was Hotel Mumbai (2018). Assistant Director James Dubay and the Camera Department's Peter Giuliani worked on both productions. Both pictures are thrillers and are both based on documentaries with they being Hotel Coolgardie (2016) and Mumbai Massacre (2009).
  47. Cast members Toby Wallace and Hugo Weaving both previously starred about a decade earlier in The Turning (2013) but appeared in different segments.
  48. Cast members Hugo Weaving and Toby Wallace have both made feature films in country/outback South Australia before. The two movies were Last Ride (2009) and Dark Frontier (2009) respectively. Both of these pictures debuted in the year 2009.
  49. The earlier movie The Last of the Knucklemen (1979) was also about toxic masculinity and was also set in an outback mining township and both films feature heavy drinking. It was also filmed in outback South Australia in Andamooka.
  50. ''The film is [director Kitty] Green's sophomore narrative feature after her 2019 breakout 'The Assistant'...'' according to the 'IndieWire' website.
  51. Fifth theatrical feature film starring Australian actor Hugo Weaving to film in South Australia. His earlier SA-shot movies were Peaches (2004), Last Ride (2009), Oranges and Sunshine (2010) and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994). Weaving has also starred in the SAFC (South Australian Film Corporation) supported productions The Interview (1998) and The Old Man Who Read Love Stories (2001). Weaving also starred in the SA filmed tele-movie Dadah Is Death (1988).
  52. Star Hugo Weaving previously collaborated with the producing team of producers Iain Canning and Emile Sherman on Oranges and Sunshine (2010) about a dozen years earlier. Both pictures filmed in South Australia including location filming in the Flinders Ranges in both.
  53. South Australia where this movie is being shot actually has quite a number of places called ''royal'' hotels. There is the ''Royal Hotel'' in Kent Town in Adelaide which is closed as well as ''The Royal Hotel'' of Balaklava, the ''Hotel Royal'' of Torrensville, the ''Royal Hotel'' of Moonta, the ''Royal Family Hotel'' of Port Elliot, the ''Royal Exchange Hotel'' of Kadina, the ''Royal Exchange Hotel'' of Burra, the ''Royal Oak'' Hotel of Penola, the ''Royal Oak Hotel'' of Clarendon, the ''Royal Hotel'' of Crystal Brook, the ''Adelaide Royal Coach'' motor inn and the former ''Royal Hotel'' of Terowie.
  54. This picture features the word ''royal'' in the title. Sadly, around the time of principal photography, long time Royal British monarch Queen Elizabeth II passed away.
  55. Second consecutive back-to-back filmed production of actress Julia Garner which has a building word in the title. Her previous credit is for Apartment 7A (2023).
  56. Was the opening night film at the inaugural Sydney edition of the SXSW Festival




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