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The Son London film premiere 2023

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  • Status: Not information yet
  • Date: Not information yet
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  • Release in Cinemas: 2023-01-20
  • Runtime: 123 minutes
  • directors: Florian Zeller

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Did you know ... ?

  1. Second collaboration of Anthony Hopkins and Florian Zeller after the movie "The Father" (2020).
  2. Based on the play with the same name by Florian Zeller, who is the director of this film.
  3. The cast includes two Oscar winners: Laura Dern, Anthony Hopkins, and two nominees: Hugh Jackman, and Vanessa Kirby.
  4. Ben Smithard reunites as cinematographer with Florian Zeller after their collaboration in the movie "The Father" (2020).
  5. Hans Zimmer will be scoring the movie which marks the first collaboration between the composer and the director.
  6. Second movie by Florian Zeller.
  7. The director has earned an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay in his debut as a movie director/screenwriter.




Vanessa Kirby profile
Vanessa Kirby
as Beth
Anthony Hopkins profile
Anthony Hopkins
as Peter's Father
Hugh Jackman profile
Hugh Jackman
as Peter
Laura Dern profile
Laura Dern
as Kate
William Hope profile
William Hope
as Andrew
Hugh Quarshie profile
Hugh Quarshie
as Doctor
Gretchen Egolf profile
Gretchen Egolf
as E.R. Psychiatrist
Joseph Mydell profile
Joseph Mydell
as Brian
Zen McGrath profile
Zen McGrath
as Nicholas Miller
Akie Kotabe profile
Akie Kotabe
as Mr. Yama
Isaura Barbé-Brown profile
Isaura Barbé-Brown
as Sophia
Erick Hayden profile
Erick Hayden
as Allan
George Potts profile
George Potts
as Therapist
Rachel Handshaw profile
Rachel Handshaw
as Brian's Assistant
Shin-Fei Chen profile
Shin-Fei Chen
as Alexandra
Danielle Lewis profile
Danielle Lewis
as Jessica
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